Our project focuses on reducing stigma in our community, especially the stigma surrounding being unhoused. We are Kelowna youth aiming to build an online presence where we can spread awareness through stories and videos. We hope we can share with the youth around us and the public the true stories of people who have experienced or are experiencing being unhoused. A lot of misinformation, fear, and hate needs to be addressed to build a safer, more equal community. We hope to change minds through truth, gather support for local non-profits, and help disadvantaged voices be heard. It is time to step up and Stop the Stigma today!​

Vivian Bruce
Team Leader

Vivian is a grade 12 student and is passionate about school, art, Tae Kwon Do and having a positive impact on others and the planet. She is happy to be working with this amazing team to build a project that tackles real and looming issues in society. She brings excitement, a hard-working attitude and writing experience. Her organizational and communication skills have been useful for planning meetings, coordinating team members and being one of the main spokespeople for the project.

Quin Macaulay

Quin is in his Grade 12 year, and he is passionate about stigma reduction. His other hobbies are learning about mathematics and science, playing his clarinet in the concert band, reading fantasy and dystopian books, and doing Tae Kwon Do. He brings enthusiasm and motivation to the group, as well as a unique perspective as a stigmatized member of a separate community. He also has a strong work ethic and is open to trying new things. Moreover, he brings clear and concise communication and expresses his thoughts and opinions clearly and kindly. He hopes to be able to make a difference in our community, and he is eager to work persistently to make that possible. 

Maya Sims

Maya is in grade 11. She loves reading classic literature and romance novels. She is interested in biology and chemistry and hopes to either teach them or work in a field where they are relevant. Maya took environmental science last year and absolutely loved it! It challenged her thinking and helped her become a better version of herself. The Environmental Science class has led Maya to strive to make the world a better world to live in. Maya is a strongly empathetic and emotional person, which brings a higher degree of empathy and understanding to the project. She hopes for equality for every kind of person, hopefully achieving a sense of equality in Kelowna with at-risk youth, who may or may not be unhoused or using drugs. 

Sophi Samida-Pugh

Sophi is in Grade 11. Her interests include art and finding beauty and uniqueness in the simplest things. She is interested in Astronomy and History. Sophi is kind and uplifting. Throughout the project, Sophi has contributed to building the abstract, ideas and connections. Demonstrating her strong speaking skills and creating questions has helped the project escalate. Sophi wants a change in the way unhoused people and substance users are treated and viewed, she sees it as unfair and wants it to stop.