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Over many years of work, we have built a very successful history in our area of expertise.

How does our project address the problem?

Our project will address the stigma surrounding homelessness by raising awareness and sharing stories online using social media. We hope that this can begin to break down the negative stereotypes...

Which Global Goal does our project address and how?

Our “Stop the Stigma!” project focuses on the tenth United Nations Sustainable Development Goal: Reduced Inequalities. Inequality seems to be everywhere. It is undeniably present in our global village as...

How do issues relating to this goal impact us, our community and other places in the world?

Inequality, the difference between groups’ access to resources and opportunity, is a universal issue. It affects our quality of life and the quality of life of our friends, family and...

Which of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals are we most passionate about? Why is it important to us?

We are most passionate about Goal 10: Reduced Inequalities. This goal is important to us for a multitude of reasons, including the scale and ubiquity of the issue, our personal...
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