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59.6% of youth who are unhoused face violent victimization.


There is a significant amount of stigma surrounding unhoused individuals, particularly among young people. This stigma can have a detrimental impact on their mental health and overall quality of life. The mistreatment of unhoused people is a pressing issue that directly correlates with the stigma they face. 59.6% of unhoused youth report experiencing violent victimization while living on the streets. Furthermore, Statistics Canada has reported that almost half of Canadians who are recovering from addiction will face social stigma from various sources, including healthcare providers and loved ones. We must address this issue immediately, as current anti-stigma campaigns are not widely known or effectively engaging young people as their target audience.

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Our Theory of Change



- Creating, operating and managing a website that shares videos
- Collecting stories and articles
-Building a social media presence for advocacy
- Working with and supporting partners who support unhoused youths



- Better educated people and mindsets changed about the unhoused population
- Unhoused people feel valued and heard
- Organizations that help unhoused people get more exposure and support
- Stakeholders advocate, develops and supports favourable policy



- Better laws and policies that will increase support for unhoused people and eventually, no more unhoused people at all
- A better, more equal and accepting world
- Happier people with a better quality of life

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